Low Waste Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids

Hand tying twine bow on Thanksgiving Place setting, Place card says Thanksgiving


This year, the fall season feels just a little bit different. Sure, the air is still crisp, and the leaves are still golden. But many young learners still aren’t in school, and many people’s homes are missing their children’s Thanksgiving themed artistry. So here are three fast, easy, and totally fun fall themed crafts that the whole family can do together at home!

1.  Turkey Windsocks 

From: Happiness is Homemade

As the fall breeze starts to get chilly, why not make some turkey themed decorations to help catch the wind!



1.     Paint the can brown, and let it dry

2.     Draw on a triangular beak in the center of the can using painter’s pen

3.     Attach the googly eyes with glue

4.     Run a thick line of glue inside the rim at the back side of the can, and attach the turkey’s tail “feathers” (made from actual feathers, construction paper, felt, etc.)

5.     Cut 10-15 strands of ribbon, each approximately 18 inches long

6.     Run another thick line of glue around the entire inside rim at the bottom of the can, and use the glue to attach the ribbon streamers. Allow to dry completely.

7.     Use the glue to attach a red wattle (made of felt or paper) and a ribbon for hanging

Photo by: Heidi Kundin

2.     Pom Pom Pumpkins

From: A Kailo Chic Life

Everybody loves a good pumpkin, but maybe not everyone loves the goop they have to scoop when carving them. Here’s a fun alternative to populate the place with pumpkins, all without  and guts or seeds!


  • Yarn of any color (3-4 skeins)
  • Metal cookie sheet
  • Scissors
  • Wooden stick


1.     Wrap your yarn around a cookie sheet like so:

2.     Use as many colors as you’d like, just be sure to use 2 skeins per pumpkin

3.     Cut the yarn on one side of the sheet

4.     Cut the yarn on the other side as well, and keep the yarn in one clump.

5.     Then, cut an 18 inch piece of yarn, and tie a knot around the center of the yarn

6.     Use scissors to trim the yarn into a round pumpkin shape

7.     Add a wooden stick (or any type of stick type thing)

Photos by: Kailo Chic Life DIY 

3. Owl Puppets 

From: Good Housekeeping

This time of year, everybody’s always talkin’ turkeys. So if you want to break the mold and have some fun of a different feather, give these easy and fun owl puppets a try!


  • Paper cup
  • White construction paper
  • Plant-based glue 
  • Black, white, brown, and beige colored paper
  • One-hole punch
  • Scissors


1.     Cut oval shapes out of your colored paper

2.     Glue ovals to the side of your paper cup in layers                                                        

3.     Fold colored paper in half, then trace your hand for feathers

4.     Cut out feathers while leaving the fold, so the feathers folds out into two sides.

5.     Cut small circles out of black paper, then punch out their centers with your hole punch

6.     Cut out beige beak, whatever shape and size you want

7.     Fold your beak into a point, and glue the eyes and beak onto the feathers

8.     Glue the feathers to the top of your cup

9.     Recycle any paper scraps, and enjoy your new, homemade owl puppet!

 Photo by: Merrilee Liddiard

4.     Toilet Paper Roll Turkey

From: Arty Crafty Kids

Here’s an easy and adorable turkey craft any family that’s “on a roll” when it comes to  upcycling waste into activities for kids!



  1. Cut a piece of brown construction paper that’s slightly taller than the paper roll.
  2. Apply glue to one edge of the paper.  Place the paper roll on top of the glue area and wrap the paper roll. Once wrapped, glue the other end shut.
  3. Fold any excess paper over the edges and into the paper roll.
  4. Glue googly eyes onto paper roll.  
  5. Cut a gobbler from red construction paper.  Glue onto paper roll.
  6. Glue a piece of candy corn on top of gobbler for a beak. (If you don’t have candy corn you can cut a beak out of yellow construction paper.)
  7. Cut 2 small triangles in red construction paper. Glue to the bottom of the paper roll to create the feet.
  8. For the hat, cut out two circles of construction paper.  One will be the same size as the end paper roll for the top of the hat and the other will be larger for the hat brim.  Tape the brim on top of the paper roll. Cut a small strip of construction paper with the same width as paper roll. Roll the strip and glue the ends together and tape on top of brim.   Tape on the circle that is the same width as the roll for the top of the hat.
  9. Decorate the hat by gluing a sunflower petal on it (or any type of petal you can find)
  10. Glue leaves to the back of turkey to make the ultimate fall colored feathers

Photo by: Arty Crafty Kids DIY crafts

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