Is Fragrance A Bad Thing?

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What Is Fragrance?

The term fragrance does not just refer to a particular scent. Fragrance is every ingredient that goes into making a scent. Some fragrances are made up of synthetic ingredients, some are derived from organic ingredients like essential oils and some use both. A scent can be made from anywhere between 50 and 300 ingredients. Fragrance is a blanket label for all of the different ingredients that go into a scent. When you look at label for a scented product, you will typically only see the word fragrance listed. 

Is Fragrance Bad For Me?

That depends. There are many ingredients in fragrances that are associated with negative health effects, but there are also many fragrances that are non-toxic and safe. The difficult part with fragrance is knowing which ingredients are safe and which might cause harm. In the U.S., products that contain fragrances do not have to disclose what ingredients are in that fragrance. As long as a product has the word “fragrance” on the label, the product is compliant with federal regulations, despite there being over 4,000 ingredients that can be used to make fragrances. A lot of the ingredients are safe, but there are specific ingredients to avoid when you choose a product that contains fragrance, but you might not know they are hidden in your product.

Many fragrances are made with chemicals that have known allergens and are documented to have negative health impacts. Fragrances that contain phthalates and styrene should be avoided, as they have documented health concerns, like headaches, migraines and respiratory issues. Some fragrances contain chemicals that are known allergens and contain skin and eye irritants. However, not all fragrances are bad. There are plenty of safe, non-toxic and non-allergen containing ingredients in fragrances. The best way to tell? Read the labels. Labels that only list the word “fragrance” make it difficult for consumers to understand the ingredients. Labels that include expanded definitions on the fragrance label, like “non-toxic” or “free from allergens” give you more information about is actually in the product.

Why Do Products Have Fragrances?

Many products contain fragrances so that your home, skin, hair or furniture smell the way you want them to. There is nothing wrong with wanting a pleasant scent! Fragrances do not impact the efficacy of the product, they are just an added bonus for consumers. As long as fragrances are made from non-toxic chemicals and natural sources, there is nothing to worry about!

What Fragrances Are In Blueland Products? 

At Blueland, we like a nice smelling home as much as anyone else! We include fragrances because we can ensure that all of our scents are safe for you and your home. All of our fragrances were developed with our consumers in mind. Our fragrances are made from synthetic and naturally derived ingredients. Cradle to Cradle analyzed all the proprietary details of the underlying ingredients of our fragrance, and we received the highest rating of Platinum Material Health as part of their analysis.

In order to achieve the Cradle to Cradle Platinum certification for Material Health, we had to require every supplier to provide 100% transparency into their formulations. This included complete ingredients, concentration ranges for pigments, carrier resins and additives of any kind. A lot of suppliers cite “IP” as the reason they can’t share this level of transparency, but in order to use the best ingredients in our products we had to have full transparency, and Cradle to Cradle was able to help us do this. This is true for all our ingredients including fragrance, despite the industry selectively sharing their ingredients.

In addition to our Cradle to Cradle certification, we developed our fragrances with non-toxic ingredients, leaving out any Prop 65 ingredients, including phthalates, and replaced specific ingredients with natural synthetics where there were known allergens. Prop 65 chemicals are those listed by the state of California as known to cause cancer, birth defects or reproductive health issues. We only used ingredients from the EPA Safer Chemical Ingredients List, and our formulations are Cradle to Cradle Platinum certified for Material Health(the agency’s highest rating) and exclude any of the ingredients on the Environment Working Group unacceptable list.

Our fragrance ingredients are safe to use and smell great!

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