Everything You Need To Know About Tablet Cleaners

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Tablet cleaners are the latest innovation for households and commercial spaces. You may not have considered tablets before, as premixed liquid cleaners tend to be the norm. However, tablet cleaners are just as effective as traditional liquid cleaners and come along with plenty of economic and environmental benefits.

Are Tablet Cleaners Effective?

Tablet cleaners have been proven to be as effective as (if not more than) traditional premixed liquid cleaners. Traditional liquid cleaners are comprised of 90 – 95% water which means the remaining 5 – 10% is the actual cleaning concentrate. The tablets are a dry format of these same cleaning concentrates.

While the concept is simple, this transformation is an innovative and patented process and requires significant research to select ingredients that would be just as effective and when developing our tablets at Blueland, the efficacy of our tablets was one of our highest priorities. After over a year of development, we’ve created three different tablet cleaners that have been proven by a third-party study to be more effective than leading comparable brands.

Are Tablets Affordable?

Tablets are an affordable alternative to premixed liquid cleaners as you only pay for what you need. How are they so affordable? Ultimately, the price comes down to packaging and shipping. When you buy traditional cleaners, you are not just paying for the cleaner inside the bottle. You are paying to ship a heavy water-based product. Products that are premixed have higher shipping costs because they tend to be 90-95% water. Every time you buy a new premixed cleaning product you are paying for a new bottle (which typically cannot be reused as single-use plastic leaches harmful chemicals over time), you are paying for mostly water and the cost of shipping a heavier water-based product. Shipping even small amounts of liquid cleaner typically uses more packaging and weighs more than a tablet.

How Are Tablets Better For The Environment?

At Blueland, our tablet refills are only $2 each, which is lower than the liquid cleaning products on the market, in part because our tablets cost less to ship. Moreover, each tablet wrapper uses less packaging (without plastic), so it costs less to package. We also provide the added bonus of the reusable bottle. You only have to pay for our Forever Bottle once, and then it can be used over and over again.

There are many environmental benefits associated with tablet cleaners. At Blueland, we are proud to say that our tablet cleaners are biodegradable. So when your cleaner gets rinsed off or the bottle is rinsed out, there is no need to worry about the solution going down the drain, it won’t cause any harm to the environment. Our tablets are 94% bio-based and when you add water (another bio-based ingredient) our cleaning solution is 99% bio-based, which means that they are formulated from natural ingredients.

Now, let’s revisit the packaging. Shipping a heavier product is more expensive and it also has a higher environmental cost. Shipping larger and heavier products require more vehicles to ship a product. Whether that means more trains, trucks, ships or airplanes, that means more carbon emissions associated with shipping. For example, airplanes carrying cargo emit an average of 500 grams of CO2 per metric ton of shipment, per kilometer. Carbon emissions are calculated by the distance a shipment travels, the mode of transportation and the weight of the shipment. As the weight of the shipment increases, so do the carbon emissions. At Blueland, we not only ship lighter packages, all of our materials for shipping are either recyclable or compostable. Once you have dissolved the tablet in our Forever Bottles, tear the wrapper at the seams, flatten and compost! The tablet wrappers are compostable.

How Do Tablet Cleaners Work?

Effective, affordable, and better for the environment, how could there be any more benefits to our tablets? Our tablet cleaners are extremely easy to use! Making your Blueland cleaner is as easy as 1-2-3: 1. Fill your Forever Bottle with warm water to the line or the tablet icon, 2. Drop in the tablet, and 3. Wait a few minutes (you do not need to shake or stir the bottle). Then you are all set to start cleaning!

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