Celebrating Earth Month With Blueland

Make Earth cool again sign


Written by: Natalie Henderson, Marketing @blueland

At Blueland, we’re on a mission to eliminate single-use plastic packaging from our everyday products, with a broader vision of a clean planet for future generations. It all started with our CEO and Co-Founder Sarah Paiji Yoo. When Sarah was pregnant with her first son, Noah she was horrified to find out that there are pieces of plastic showing up in our food and drinking water. 

This helped inspire Sarah on her own journey to cut back on her own consumption of single-use plastic. That’s when Sarah founded Blueland, to help create a cleaner world for future generations, like Noah. 

While we feel like we celebrate earth day everyday, we’re excited to celebrate Earth Month this year with a few notes from some of our future climate leaders: 

Drawing of the Earth from Peyton age 8
Drawing of the Earth by 4 year old Noah text says "Dear earth love Noah"

The Clean Essentials

The perfect way to start cutting out single-use plastic from your home