Can Cleaning Bottles Be Reused?

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We love the idea of reusing plastic because we do not want any plastic to go to waste. It might seem like a good idea to reuse normal plastic cleaning bottles. They seem durable, so why not reuse them? Before you reuse your plastic cleaning bottle, look at what it is made from and make sure it is safe.

What Are Cleaning Bottles Made From?

Traditional cleaning bottles are made from plastic. Most are made from plastic #1 or plastic #2. Plastic #1 is Polyethylene Terephthalate or PETE or PET plastic. In addition to cleaning bottles it is used to make beverage bottles, like soda or water. Plastic #2 is High-Density Polyethylene or HDPE. This plastic is more durable and is used for things like liquid laundry and dishwasher detergent. While both of these plastics can be recycled, it is not recommended that they are both reused.

Is It Safe To Reuse Cleaning Bottles?

Cleaning products that are in containers made from plastic #1 are at risk of having chemicals leached inside the cleaning products. Plastic leaching is a process by which the chemicals that make up the plastic container break down and leak inside of the container. When chemicals leach in a bottle they find their way into the cleaning solution inside of the bottle. This means that your cleaning bottles can be contaminated by harmful chemicals used to make the cleaning bottles.

Chemicals like BPA, styrene and polyvinyl chloride are common chemicals that leach into plastic bottles. Each can have negative health effects. Exposure to high levels of BPA can cause respiratory issues. Exposure to styrene can cause skin and eye irritation and higher levels of styrene exposure can cause more serious health problems. Polyvinyl chloride leaches vinyl chloride over time, which is linked to serious health effects, including dizziness, respiratory issues and has been linked to cancer. Reusing conventional plastic cleaning bottles can leave your products vulnerable to chemical leaching.

Blueland’s Reusable Cleaning Bottles

Looking for a reusable cleaning bottle? We have you covered. At Blueland, we are committed to eliminating single-use plastic waste, so, we developed a cleaning bottle that will do just that. Our Forever Bottles are designed to be reused, well, forever. Our bottles are made of acrylic and were developed from inception in partnership with Cradle to Cradle to ensure it was sourced and produced as responsibly as possible. Acrylic is a durable long-lasting plastic and we worked extensively with Cradle to Cradle to develop a version that is non-leaching. Unlike traditional cleaning bottles, our acrylic Forever Bottles can be reused without the worry of chemicals contaminating your cleaning solutions. Not only have we designed reusable cleaning bottles, we have developed effective and affordable tablet cleaners to make refilling your Forever Bottles easy. Our tablet cleaners are easy to use and work perfectly with our Forever Bottles. All you do is fill up our Forever Bottles with warm water, drop in a Blueland tablet and wait for the tablet to dissolve. When you have used up all of your cleaning solution, you just repeat the process. You can always use your Forever Bottle, eliminating plastic waste safely and sustainably!

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